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Award winning Hartley Riders

During the 2013 Hartley Lifecare Ability Challenge the FIT-Ability Tandem Pilots who have participated in the event over the years were awarded the annual MV Award.

The Hartley Lifecare MV trophy awarded to the Tandem Pilots in 2013FIT-Ability pilots volunteer their time so that cyclists with vision impairment and other disabilities can ride in the Challenge.

Even without the award, participating is great.  Climbing hills on a tandem is just not the same as on a single bike, and the great descent from Charlotte's Pass is incredible!  Tandems hit 80-100kph on the descent and due to the extra weight - stick to the road like glue.

This award is for all the Hartley pilots over the years, and for all the pilot volunteers who may not have ridden in the event but have supported our stokers on the long training rides before the event.

The Hartley Lifecare MV Award for the Tandem Pilots in 2013