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Heartfelt thanks for tandem pilots

Fitability tandem pilot volunteers David, Brendon, Andrew and Lauren rode with Mark and Michael this year.

Mark and Michael were new to tandem riding with Fitability. Because of their disabilities, riding tandem with a friend is a safe and enjoyable way for them to ride.

M&M award 2017

They have certainly had some adventures:

  • riding further and further: 3km at our Come and Try, then 18km, then 25km with a friendly Pedal Power ride group, then 20km, and who knows how far next time,
  • helping their pilots burn each other off (as guys are want to do),
  • dodging angry magpies,
  • dealing with bike mechanical problems,
  • getting lost on the cycle path and doing part of the ride twice,
  • riding in showers and ducking into a coffee shop when the rain came along (any excuse will do for a cuppa and a coke),
  • trying out a zippy tandem road bike after riding a recreational bike,
  • chatting with family members who came along for the ride on their single bikes.

Mark and Michael and their pilots have had a great time! And they surprised the Fitability pilots by presenting them with the "M&M" award for helping all this to happen. We continue to ride with Mark and Michael.