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Fitability Brochure text

When I am on a tandem I’m no longer a prisoner of my disability I’m free I’m just like everybody else

Who We Are...
Fitability is a unique and multi award winning program which provides companion cycling for people with vision impairments and other disabilities.  Fitability has a focus on integration, fitness and wellbeing for cyclists in the Canberra region.

Fitability is a not-for-profit program run by a group of dedicated volunteers with a common interest in cycling.  Fitability maintains a fleet of tandem bikes which are used to participate in social rides, endurance events and competitive racing depending upon the interests, abilities and goals of participants.

What We Do…
Fitability provides specialised training to cyclists who wish to pilot a tandem (ride at the front) and to stokers (the person riding at the back).

In addition, volunteers provide transport to stokers if required, while stokers are given the opportunity to participate in the organisation of rides, fundraising, and Fitability’s participation in major events.

Tandem bikes are also available for loan to people who have a family member or friend with a disability.

How You Can Get Involved…
If you are interested in piloting a tandem and would like to try it out please contact the Fitability Coordinator.

The Fitability Coordinator can also arrange for people with vision impairment or other disabilities who would like the opportunity to try tandem cycling to ride with one of our experienced pilots.

As a tandem cyclist (pilot or stoker) you can ride when it suits you and your cycling partner.

In addition, opportunities exist for people to volunteer their time in other ways.

Share your cycling vision with us!

Donations and Sponsorship

The Fitability program is funded by grants, sponsorship and donations. It costs around
$1000 per year to keep a tandem bike on the road and cover administrative costs.  
From time to time bikes need to be replaced at an average cost of $4500.

You can help Fitability by:

  • becoming a corporate or individual sponsor
  • making a donation
  • nominating Fitability for your Workplace Giving Program

Donations to the Fitability program through Vision Impaired Sports ACT are tax deductable.  For more information on donations and sponsorship, please contact:

Please support the people who support us:

  • Londsdale Street Cyclery
  • The Lord Taverners Australia

With assistance from the ACT Government under Disability ACT.

Contact Us

Fitability Coordinators
Lindy: 0402 113836
Julia: 0438 757100

Fitability is a program of Pedal Power ACT supported by ACT cycling clubs.