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How to become a sponsor

We invite businesses, community organisations and individuals to become official sponsors of Fitability.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • The satisfaction that comes from supporting a great program for people with vision impairment in Canberra so that they can enjoy cycling.
  • Information about your organisation and links to it will be placed on our website.
  • Recognition of your generosity in the media (if possible) and depending on the amount donated, other publicity such as your logo on printed materials, vehicle signage or cycling vests.
  • A framed certificate acknowledging your sponsorship with a personal statement and photo from one of our vision impaired riders.
  • Our vision impaired cyclists will be pleased to visit your organisation to speak about our inspiring cycling adventures.

What do we need sponsorship for?
Your sponsorship allows us to:

  • maintain our regularly used tandems in safe working condition - our bikes require servicing and replacement of worn parts annually,
  • purchase new tandem bikes as our program grows and old bikes need replacing,
  • meet costs of maintaining, registering and insuring our tandem bike trailer,
  • maintain a stock of spare parts for our bikes and a range of saddles and handlebars to suit all our riders,
  • pay administrative costs of insurance and running our website.

Many of our bikes are used every week and also for demanding endurance cycling events and races.  Maintaining a regularly used tandem bike and the associated equipment and administrative expenses costs around $1000 a year.

A new tandem bike costs an average of $4500.

Fitability is run entirely by volunteers so this means your sponsorship will directly benefit our vision impaired riders.

Who to contact

Contact our sponsorship officer for information