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What we use donations for

FIT-Ability is a program run with the support of Canberra’s not-for-profit cycling organisations.  We endeavour to provide tandem cycling opportunities to all our participants at minimal cost to each participant.  All our activities are run by volunteers.  From time to time we have received ACT government grants to help our program to expand (for example, to purchase new bikes), but appreciate the support and donations of individuals and sponsors to keep our bikes running day to day.

Your donation will be used to maintain our fleet of ten tandems which are used constantly by our riders.

All bikes need maintenance to run efficiently and safely.  A tandem bike is ridden under twice the weight and strain of a single bike so tends to require maintenance and repairs more frequently.

Keeping a tandem bike well maintained costs several hundred dollars a year.  We ask qualified bicycle repairers carry out major servicing. We need to replace worn gears, chains, brakes, tyres, cables, saddles, rims and pedals.  We also keep a range of saddles, handlebars and pedals to suit all our cyclists.

We also use funds to:

  • add to our fleet of bikes as our program expands or old bikes need replacing.
  • register and maintain our purpose built tandem bike trailer
  • maintain this website to provide information about our program to the Canberra community and enable our participants to keep in touch.
  • distribute printed information about riding tandems at community events.
  • maintain appropriate insurance for our equipment and volunteers.