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Hi.  I am at high school. I was born with a condition that means I am blind.

I went on my first tandem bike ride when I about 11 and I loved it. I got my own second-hand tandem for Christmas about 3 years ago and ride it with a friend, my Dad or Grandfather quite regularly.

I have been on a couple of FIT-Ability rides organised through Vision Australia's Canberra office and have been building up the distances and hills very slowly over the last few years.

The Rotary ride on Sunday saw me paired up with an experienced pilot, who enjoys riding racing bikes and is very fit. This meant there was no slacking off for me. It was the longest continuous ride, at around 47kms, I have been on and I appreciated the sausage sizzle organised by Rotary at the end.

The thing I most enjoyed on the ride was the feeling of the wind in my face as we sped down the hill and the worst part was going up the hill and my bottom was really sore. Learning how to pull up on the pedals to get extra power was something new for me as the bike we used had special cage pedals. It was fun overtaking the girls on their tandem on the way up Mount "Un-Pleasant" but that was about as fun as it got going uphill.

This was the first ride for me and my pilot and I learnt that he has more than one bike and rides for pleasure every week. We didn't talk too much as we were trying to conserve our energy for the ride. I would love to do the ride again next year and hope to build on the good work of this year.

This is an activity where being vision impaired is not relevant. I would also like to thank the FIT-Ability team for supporting me and offering me such opportunities.  We particularly appreciated the refreshments at the rowing basin and outside the Governor General's residence!