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As a tandem pilot I get immense satisfaction from sharing the joy of cycling with sight-impaired members of my community.  It provides me with a strong sense of community engagement and an increased level of motivation to improve my fitness and achieve my personal goals, which this year include riding in the Hartley Lifecare Ability Cycle Challenge and developing friendships in the Canberra community.  To achieve this goal, I ride about 250km/week, some by commuting to work every day, some on long distance rides on my touring bike and some on tandems with the FIT-Ability team.

Tandems are now my favourite form of cycling, especially because of the friendships I'm making in the FIT-Ability team.  I particularly enjoyed riding with a sight-impaired newcomer who joined our group on his single bike for a 90km ride to the Tallagandra Hill Winery recently.  I found his enthusiasm and commitment to riding safely and to the best of his ability incredibly inspiring.

Above all else, piloting a tandem with the FIT-Ability team is a lot of fun!