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Our sponsors

Companies and organisations that support Fitability

Lords Taverners 2010 2

Lords Taverners ACT

Lord's Taverners ACT
The ACT Branch of Lord's Taverners is delighted to be able to sponsor Fitability and to have donated two tandem bikes. We know that this will assist Fitability in providing opportunities for visually impaired young people to cycle for exercise and social engagement. Such activity is very much in line with our aim of giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance.

Lonsdale Street Cyclery

Lonsdale Street Cyclery, Braddon, ACT
Canberra’s own Lonsdale Street Cyclery supported Fitability in 2010 by building up our two new Cannondale Tandem 2 road bikes and providing excellent servicing and preparation for the first outing of the bikes, the 2010 Hartley Lifecare Ability Challenge.

ACT Health

ACT Health
In 2010 ACT Health gave a generous ACT Health Promotion grant to Vision Impaired Sports ACT (Visact) to enable Visact to promote vision impaired sports on the International Day of People with a Disability and to specifically support VisACT’s tandem cycling program – Fitability.  Funds from the grant contributed to the purchase of the two Cannondale 2 road tandems.

Find ThirtyVisACT and Fitability demonstrate how easy it is for people from all walks of life to live an active and healthy life.  More information on how you can improve your health through a little exercise every day is found on the Find Thirty website of ACT Health.

From 2007-09 Fitability received an ACT Health Promotion grant which supported the running of the program during those years by covering maintenance and other organisation costs, purchasing two recreational tandems, employing a part time project officer, and developing promotional flyers.

Disability ACTACT Government logo

In 2010/11 ACT Disability provided a grant to enable the development of this website and promotional materials.


Other supporters

Raelene and Terry from Pedal Power ACT

Raelene and Terry have kindly donated a great Apollo touring bike.

Florey Cycle Surgery

Simon from Cycle Surgery regularly services our road tandems and supplies parts at a reduced cost.

Wayne Kotzur - Bikeologist - Gundaroo

Wayne has been making sure our bike frames are structurally sound at reduced cost.

Sportscare and Physiotherapy - O'Connor

Cassandra has kindly donated to one of our vision impaired riders a professional bike fit session.

Belconnen Physiotherapy - Belconnen

This business has assisted one of our tandem riders with a discounted cycling fitness assessment.


a website hosting company that cares

Ace - Hosting
Ace - Hosting provide website hosting and support at a 50% discount to Fitability